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In order to be comfortable in your swimsuit, your body figure doesn’t have to be flawless. Just find the perfect design for you.

When temperatures rise and the thought of the beach and the sea becomes more intrusive, the great demand for swimwear begins. We stand in front of the fitting room with a few beautiful models in our hands and just a minute later the reflection in the mirror treacherously points out the small flaws in our figure. Um, maybe once we get a tan, things will look better ... Right? Forget explanations and excuses! The perfect swimsuit needs only one thing - confidence. Get it with a design that will highlight the benefits of your figure and hide the disadvantages!


Small bust and tight hips

The perfect swimsuit for you has a top that attracts the eye. Veils, fringes, ribbons - anything that will optically add volume is allowed. Bet on a top with built-in or removable pads that will make your bust more voluminous. Adjustable straps will provide an additional lifting effect. There are no restrictions on colors and patterns: neon, large prints and even transverse stripes ... A wider swimsuit bottom (hipster trousers, shallow cut or with additional details like curls or a belt) will add sexy curves in the hips area.


Big bust and wide hips

The bust needs extra support. Therefore, the top of the swimsuit should be fitted with at least one of the following extras: wide straps, sports straps and/or underwires to keep the breasts in shape. Better forget about triangular tops, mid-strap models or strapless busters. If you want your figure to look optically thinner, pick a swimsuit in black.


Regular bust and a slight tummy

50s inspired swimwear (with high waist bikini bottoms) will help your tummy look flatter. This effect will be amplified if the sides of the swimwear bottom are lighter in color. A heavily cut top will divert glances from your belly and point them toward the bust. If you don’t feel comfy in bikinis but don’t like a one piece swimsuit, bet on a tankini - a swimwear, where the upper part is up to the hips line and it’s a little looser, and the straps are quite thin, but the bottom part is a classic cut.


Small bust and wide hips

In order to focus on your upper body looks, it is important to rely on models with more detail in the top part: fringes, curls or prints. Tops with or without straps and round neckline are perfect for you because they optically line the bust with the wider hips. For the bottom part we recommend a classic cut, preferably one color. Forget about models that accentuate the hips with fringe, veil or ribbon, as well as those that are too shallow cut.

Text: Fashion Inside

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