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Every summer tale from the beach, every exotic journey starts with putting on a beautiful swimsuit. Or at least this was how we expected it to be, until we found out that finding a perfect pair of bikinis was a bit of a complicated task!

It was incredibly hard to find The Perfect Swimsuit! That one piece that would carry timeless elegance along with comfort, that bikini set that would be feminine yet practical and above all – skilfully hand-crafted swimwear, perfectly designed to embrace a woman’s curves and produced out of high-quality materials, but at the same time a reasonable price.

This is the inspiration behind Sun Diva – one woman’s desire to meet other women’s needs and supply them with that perfect piece that they were longing for year after year, summer after summer. A timeless swimsuit, that emphasises femininity, but doesn’t compromise on quality, durability or comfort. Collections that glorify the female figure at every age, that hug the curves, provide support but at the same time allow the freedom of the movement and a perfect suntan.

Our Sun Diva collections are handcrafted in Bulgaria, Europe, following the highest EU quality standards and using only the best Italian fabrics, hand-picked materials and accessories. Each piece is done by hand with precision in the making and attention to the slightest detail.

We wanted to create a swimsuit that you can easily wear while you’re chasing the sun and make you feel fabulous no matter where you are – on a yacht, on a sandy beach or by the beach bar. We strived to create pieces that a woman can wear and feel at her best, while focusing on making memories, not fixing shoulder straps.

Sun Diva’s collections are timeless, and our classical vintage elegance makes every swimsuit perfect for that amazing picture you are about to take, no matter where you are, lying on that perfect sand beach, standing against the blue waves of the Cote D’Azur or enjoying the tropical breeze of the Caribbean cost. 

Because after all – there’s always a summer day somewhere in the World and every summer day has its own magical story we want you to remember and smile when you look back.

Truly Yours

Sun Diva